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Sunset Suites in Cosmopolitan Platanias

Platanias is a small village about 10km away from the city center of Chania, located west, following the main road towards Kissamos.

Platanias has received its name from the well know river of Platanias which passes through the village. The river has many “platanos” trees from which the names originated.

The village has been built amphitheatric on a tall rocky area with very scenic houses. In the recent years, the village has spread further towards the beach of Platanias making a very popular destination for foreign visitors.

From the beach of Platanias, the island of Thodorou is visible, a small island which was used during the wars to drive enemies away.

Platanias is also very well known for its cosmopolitan nightlife with its many shops, tavernas, restaurants, clubs, cafes, and many more.